Looking for talented nature-loving programmers

We seek experienced, nature-loving computer programmers for full or part-time time positions. Candidates must be proficient in Java and at least one other programming language. Ability to assemble and maintain Linux servers is a must. Valuable skills include Eclipse IDE, Git, Maven, ZeroMQ, mySQL, SSL, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Tomcat, DropWizard, Redis, Single-Board-Computers, GPGPUs, FPGAs and Ardreno. Candidates will be required to show proof of participation in self-directed projects and also the ability to take such projects to completion. Examples may include open-source projects, robotics, personal smart-phone apps, websites, etc. Candidates will be required to take a programming test after successful interviews.

Any interested candidates please contact us and provide a link to your on-line resume and open-source development work.