R&D Grants and Contracting

We can act as prime or sub-contractor on US government funded programs. If you have an idea that pairs your technology or skills with ours and would like to pursue a joint solicitation in collaboration with us, let us know.

AHaH Computing Consulting

We welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively and in partnership with others, including universities and not-for-profit entities, large and small businesses and individuals to advance intelligent machine technology. We offer group and private workshops for development partners in AHaH Computing and the KnowmAPI. Not a development partner? Talk to us about your needs or ideas for collaborations. Once we have an NDA and joint IP agreements in place, we'll open your eyes to a whole new way of computing.

Machine Learning Solutions

Are you in need of some intelligent automation? Are you drowning in data and need a way to sift through the mess? Do you want to be alerted when something unusual is occurring in your business? Do you have an existing machine learning solution but want to upgrade to the next generation of computing? We can help. We have either already solved the problem and can show you the way, or we can build you a custom solution.
Capabilities include:
  • Big Data
  • Continuous Online-Learning
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Prediction
  • Classification
  • Combinatorial Planning
  • Robotics
Solutions can be deployed across the internet of things including:
  • Web Applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Smartphone and Tablets
  • Home and Business Servers