MANC was formed in 2008 in response to a request for Alex Nugent’s consulting services in neuromorphic computing for DARPA’s SyNAPSE and Physical Intelligence programs. MANC is a small and agile company that can respond quickly and efficiently to emerging research opportunities in this rapidly evolving field. Our mission is to transition technology from raw concept to tangible and commercializable prototypes, bringing blue-sky ideas down to earth. MANC currently manages multiple research efforts with a focus on the commercialization of Knowm technology.
Alex Nugent (President, Inventor) is dedicated to the development and commercialization of physically self-organizing electronics. While an undergraduate Physics major at Whitman College, Alex invented and patented the ‘Knowm synapse’, a device that would later become known as a memristor but which possesses properties unlike any device currently in use. Alex formed KnowmTech LLC, an intellectual property holding company for ideas pertaining to Knowm systems. After college he worked for a year at Los Alamos National Laboratory under a Fault-Tolerance of Nano-Scale Systems project. As a result of this experience Alex discovered a connection between SVM, Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and a simple plasticity rule he called the AHaH rule. After receiving a Boeing fellowship, Alex commenced a PhD track in Electrical Engineering at University of Washington, but left to pursue his dream of building a physically adaptive neuromorphic processor. Quickly discovering that CMOS/memristive circuits implementing the AHAH rule could be configured as universal logic gates, he extended his theory from Knowm synapses to memristors in general and explored scalable self-similar NPU architectures. From 2008 through 2011 Alex supported DARPA under the Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE) and Physical Intelligence (PI) programs in the capacity of SETA for the Defense Sciences Office. Starting in 2011, he has been awarded multiple programs for development of Knowm technology. Alex currently holds many patents and patents-pending.
Tim Molter (Chief Technical Officer) is a senior technical architect with degrees in Physics (BS) and Electrical Engineering (BS + MS) and seven year’s professional experience in the financial, Internet, biotechnology, and industrial sectors. Tim’s work as a research engineer at the University of Washington co-developing a lab-on-a-chip device was awarded the Best Paper of Conference Award at IEEE CASE 2007. He has closely followed memristor AHAH architecture, and with Alex Nugent, successfully applied the technology in the financial sector, building a real-time trading platform for a small start-up hedge fund. Afterwards Tim worked for a large international investment firm developing mission-critical market data interfaces and front-end tools. Most recently, he has joined MANC’s efforts in implementing the AHaH-attractor-based machine learning algorithms as the lead software developer and a technical architect. Tim has authored several open-source programming APIs hosted by Xeiam LLC, a MANC partner company.

Hillary Riggs (Chief Administrative Officer). As artist, designer and entrepreneur, Hillary has a solid background in Small Company formation and management, as well as sales and marketing experience having had two companies of her own over the last thirty years. One of her companies, Sombraje, was successfully sold ten years after formation. In 2001 Hillary became angle investor and founding partner of KnowmTech LLC, an intellectual property holding company for Knowm technology.